Stella Components Overview

Stella Connect Documentation

Use Stella Connect to:

Stella Directory Connector for ConnectWise

Use Stella Directory Connector for ConnectWise to:

  • Single sign-on between Confluence and ConnectWise using Atlassian Crowd
  • Maintain user accounts in one place 
  • Map ConnectWise security roles to Confluence groups

Stella Knowledge Base  

Use Stella Knowledge Base to:

  • Create your default structure for a client specific knowledge base
  • Easily share and retain knowledge among staff
  • Link knowledge base content to site documentation

Stella Secure Fields

Use Stella Secure Fields to:

  • Create encrypted containers with user defined key/value pairs in Confluence
  • Manage permissions to view the content of encrypted containers using access control list entries similar to Confluence page permissions
  • Dynamically link encrypted containers with ConnectWise configurations (name matching)

Administrators can access Stella Secure Fields audit information, listing all related actions and actors e.g. viewing a password, creating a container, modifying fields etc..


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